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This sound file testifying about the sodomization of a 4 year old girl as the FOURTH different victim, in this situation, has been "hacked"-off and disabled and re-established four times now; SO, we've now added a separate link below to click on.  This will access this sound file separately.

OTHERWISE you, hopefully should be hearing the accussed/victim of Alaska's child "protective" services, OCS, the foster mother, testify about the sodomization of a 4 year old girl - - as the FOURTH victim; (at THAT 2004 time, the total number of innocent children victims of these State crimes against children (the judge above calls for a tribunal over)
is now estimated to be between 15-20)

So, if you are not soon hearing this testimony:

click here 

Thank-you for listening.

These are Olympus .dss sound files, NOTHING COMPARES to this compressed sound file system that allows one to send 30 minutes of speech in only a couple or so megabytes.

To hear these files you can download the smaller less than 1 meg free software from us
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