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Anchorage Daily News
Kelley Child Abuse ORIGINAL
front page article of Nov. 29, 2006

(This article was altered by alaskaPAWS by highlighting in red that part
we allege is being covered up concerning the sodomizing of a 4 year old girl)

Anchorage Daily News

Published: November 29, 2006
Last Modified: November 29, 2006 at 02:22 AM

PALMER -- Sherry Kelley for a second day in Superior Court on Tuesday continued to offer rational explanations for the treatment visited upon her 13-year-old adopted son in summer 2004.

Confronted by an assistant district attorney, Kelley testified the boy was uncontrollable and potentially a threat to the other four children. So chaining the boy to a tree or confining him in an 8-foot-by-1-foot wooden box for three days was not discipline, Kelley said in court.

She took offense when assistant district attorney Rachel Gernat described the confinement as punishment.

"That was not punishment. I did that to protect myself, the other kids," Kelley testified.

The boy, one of five adopted children in the Kelley family, had threatened her, had cut a younger brother's arm with the jagged lid of a food can, and had used foreign objects to sodomize a girl who briefly lived with them, Sherry Kelley testified.

That last incident, she said, prompted them to move from Anchorage to the Valley.

Kelley, 37, and her husband, Patrick Kelley, 45, were in court Tuesday before Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton for a continuation of their sentencing hearing.

Sherry Kelley faces up to six years in prison on one count of assault and another of criminal nonsupport, according to a plea agreement she and her husband reached with prosecutors earlier this year. Patrick Kelley faces a sentence of up to two years on a count of felony child endangerment, to which he pleaded no contest.

The children were removed from their home near Big Lake in July 2004 after authorities discovered them living in junk vans and tents. The eldest son, 13 at the time, had been confined for a short period in the wooden box and at another time was chained to a tree.

Tuesday, continued testimony from Sherry Kelley and from an Alaska State Troopers investigator and two defense investigators focused on the Kelley family's living conditions that summer. According to trooper affidavits, the children claimed they weren't given enough food and clothing; they had no toys to play with; and their parents beat them with a shovel, their fists and a metal pole.

Sherry Kelley on Monday flatly denied beating the children.

Gernat questioned Kelley about burns and frostbite another son, 10 at the time, suffered while in her care. Gernat asked Kelley what she did about the injuries.

Kelley said she consulted a medical book that said frostbite often heals itself. She bandaged the boy's finger, applied ointment and kept an eye on him.

Asked if she knew what happened to the boy after he was taken from her care, Kelley testified he'd had the tip of his frostbitten finger removed.

The boy also sustained leg burns that Kelley testified she treated in a similar manner -- keeping them clean and monitoring them. Gernat showed Kelley pictures of the boy's wounds five months after he was burned; Kelley acknowledged the burns had not healed.

Gernat also confronted Kelley with the results of a medical examination conducted the day after the incident that led to the assault count to which she had pleaded no contest.

Kelley on Monday testified the 10-year-old son struck her in the face with a metal pipe. Shown the medical report in court, Kelley acknowledged it showed no evidence of such an injury. The child told trooper investigator Leonard Wallner at the time that his mother struck him with the pipe, not vice versa.

The investigator's affidavit showed that the child's arm was swollen, an injury he attributed to a blow from his mother.

Kelley testified that her son lied to the investigator. She said the boy injured his arm falling off a building on the family's property.

Wolverton adjourned the hearing Tuesday and scheduled it to reconvene Jan. 8, 2007. This week's two sessions concluded without the judge hearing from Patrick Kelley.


Daily News reporter Andrew Wellner can be reached at or 352-6710 .


Anchorage Media Covers-up Sexual Abuse
Of 4 Small Children

Don't forget the do'ers of this citizen action website are just common folk like you; this ain't our day job; we're concerned parents with limited time.  So, on that  note we'll start with the two most egregious violators of the media's duty and responsibility to it's public.  First the Anchorage Daily News or ADN and then KTVA, Channel 11.  Below the reader will find a paste from the ADN website of it's actual front page article published on Nov. 29, 2006 by Andrew Wellner, evidently a relatively new reporter, at least for lead stories like this.  This Wasilla child abuse story was originally covered regularly by ADN reporter Lisa Demer.  AlaskaPAWS will eventually publish the heavily documented email that was sent to this reporter on  March 14, 2005, totally ignored, and the reading public can judge for itself about the integrity of this unpopular and widely reputed unethical Alaska daily newspaper.   On December 7, '06 alaskaPAWS googled Sherry Kelley, Alaska to see what story the ADN was using as it representative story.  Then we went to their website and entered Sherry Kelley in THEIR site's search option and got back four stories, all of which had had the sexual sodomizing of the 4 year old girl and the other sexual abuse of the other three children removed.  Mr. Wellner's article is thus assumed to be an accidental publish accident; this anal abuse of children was simply NOT originally ever met to be "revealed" to the public by these self-appointed arrogant guardians of what it is and is not that we the people "really need to know".  The anal abuse of this victimized and for 3 years now, neglected little girl victim is highlighted in red for ease of glance finding.  None of the other major media's reported any of the sexual abuse except an extremely casual indirect reference.  On would think such cruel and horrid level of the sexual abuse of children would be front page headlines for days or weeks.

AlaskaPAWS proudly accuses
Jarold Lee of KTVA TV Channel 11's story available, click here, on the google we did for that day to be a total and intentional complete lie and egregious mischaracterization of what most any citizen would have interpreted who sat through the full 2 days of testimony involving "THE OTHER STORY", implicating clearly the true and original criminals here, officials of the State of Alaska -- many many of them (we will eventually boldly produce a page with each and everyone of their full legal names who had knowledge or reason to easily have or get the knowledge regarding the torutous sexual abuse of all these children.  KTVA, will get it's very own page where we will document what we believe extreme enough intentional mis-reporting to make them accessories after the fact, in the cover-up of these crimes;

KTVA Channel 11; a sexual abuser accessory of innocent little children?!