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AlaskaPAWS first example of "irregularities?" for the Judge-Watch Section:
Judge Morgan Christen
Presiding Judge Of The Third Judicial District (Anch/Mat-su)
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If those who society empowers with an ability to affect our personal private lives begin to realize that these types of questionable ethical "choices", which can reap such negative consequences, are now being watched and might become public information -- for ALL to see--; just maybe they might start to think twice.

Do Alaskans finally have a Judge they MUST recall when she is next up for  retention? 
Judge Morgan Christen is a recent Tony Knowles appontee, who some believe is anti-family and anti-male.
This page is currently under cunstruction due to the extensive nature of this "Judges" extensive involvement in the cover-up of the infamous Wasilla Child Abuse case (see the links on the index page).  Because there were NINE children NOT five involved in this nightmare and their primary residence over time was never in Wasilla but in Anchorage Alaska.

In fact as this page will show this Judge bears 100% responsibility for the ability of one of these 9 children, a 4 yr old, to have been moved into the house of Patrick and Sherry Kelley only days after she reversed the custody on a restraining order to the father for reckless endagerment of the child with a car.  The mother had just been involved in a 15 minute 9-11 call involving 6 police cars, who had only weeks before that been the subject of a police report to be charged with a misdeameanor for interferring with a 9-11 call but lunging the phone line with scissors AND in her previous divorce to have been criminally conviceted for custodial interference (kidnapping the children out -of-state).  This custody reversal from the father's protective custody to the mothers occured without any motion, any evidentiary hearing, and any findings of fact or conclusions of law of ANY kind written or oral.  Thru-out the case she consistently ignored evidence submitted about the child's living conditions, additional 9-11 calls for reckless endangerment of children in cars by off duty paramedics, photographic evidence and professional affidavits on the inside of the Kelley house as early as January of 2004 (months before the Kelley's arrest), recommendations by [Judge] Master Andrew Brown for this child to have the sexual allegations investigated (which to this date almost 2 years later has STILL never been done); even refusing to enforce a DFYS/OCS recommendation/"order" for this child to get counseling  for almost one year and most recently after months of further refusing to enforce her own judicial orders on counseling attempted to defeat this child's treatment by ignoring the urgent recommendations of the both the child's counselor and a 10+ year expert witness on child trauma therapy.  Her "strategy" after the father made the request in open court on one day was to on the following day claim he had "withdrawn" most of his motions made just the day before refusing to identify which ones she considered withdrawn and which not.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg on this "judge"; three other case files are in the process of "privacy-censoring" to remove identifying names and other details so each situation is essentially reduced to just any hypothetical situation.

When "construction"is finished this page will feature "privacy-censored":
affidavits, police reports, voice disguised public-information sound files (except not altered voice files of this Judge herself) etc.  Visitors will be able to read and hear how one thing is said one day and an opposite or otherwise contrary thing another day.  Have Patience and check back!

If YOU have a case of note, insulting in open court, judicial "lying" in open court etc;
don't mess around, we can annoymously let the public hear for themselves how some of these judges actually sound in open court IN THEIR OWN VOICES or how they look in the public record!!!  By sharing your nightmare and helping to make it public you can help give these people cautions they have never had before --  now that AlaskaPAWS is here:
AlaskaPAWS--keeping an eye on those who are keeping an eye on you!