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Southcentral Foundation


[Month]  22, 2006

[Jane Doe]
PO Box
Anchorage AK 99501

Dear Jane,
I am writing regarding your request for a forensic interview
[notice how the supervisor has switched things around, now it is no longer the therapist recommending HER urgent concerns for this child to be objectively forensically examined but now it is the parent "requesting" one]. Behavorial Health Services at the Fireweed Clinic does not conduct forensic evaluations.  In Anchorage, these types of evaluations are conducted by Alaska Cares.  They can be reached at 561-8307.

I know you have voiced your concerns regarding the ability of Alaska Cares and other agencies in Alaska to be objective in looking into the concerns you have abour your [xxx, xxxxxx].  Since this is the case, I would recommend you contact Alaska Cares in assisting you in getting in getting additional forensic evaluation referrals. [as we like to say at alaskapaws, what another classic example of the "fox guarding the hen house" phraseology]

Please call me at (907)
[xxx-xxxx  #x] if you have any questions.


[J. P. Doe], MSW, LCSW

4501 Diplomacy Drive * Anchorage Alaska  99508
[xxx-xxxx]  *  Fax (907) [xxx-xxxx]
AlaskaPAWS second example of "irregularities?" for the Psych-Watch Section:
Help your fellow citizen -- Submit your example!! 

If those who society empowers with an ability to affect our personal private lives begin to realize that these types of questionable ethical "choices", which can reap such negative consequences, are now being watched and might become public information -- for ALL to see--; just maybe they might start to think twice.

The following privacy-censored example from SOUTHCENTRAL FOUNDATION is a classic example of how clinical "supervisors" can "monitor" the expert advice of a child's therapist who, sincerely trying to get long-overdue help for an innocent victim of possible/likely child sexual and/or physical abuse,  is "overturned" and forced to write a letter in their name completely contrary to the actual advice they originally wanted to give out of their concern for the child.  Such unethical practices as these would seem to border on the criminal when such supervisors actually become accomplices to the original abuse crimes by preventing children from getting  long overdue treatment -- just to protect "higher-ups" and/or agencies.   

Is Southcentral Foundation's actual (privacy-censored) letter below such an example of a crime against children committed in the name of cover-up by an agency which claims to be serving the best interest's of children?  In this particular case  5 year old boy B.R. (see*) in January of 2004 was ever another victim of the notoriously frequent negligence of Alaska's child protective agency "OCS",  formerly known up here as DFYS.  But if this boy's abuse is "uncovered" it just adds ever more disgrace on an out-of-control agency that just "can't-afford" even more bad publicity. It had taken the mother many months before she could even find a counselor to see and try to help her son; once the "grapevine" word seemed to have gotten out and "around"not even one child therapist would agree to see her child.  She discovered this native corporation could see non-natives and sought help.  Even after that it took months before even they would begin his weekly therapy claiming one "delay" after the other. Finally, months later by the second round of therapists the child had "lucked-out" to finally get a real therapists who truly cared and was willing to "say-it-like-it-was": just exactly why had it taken so long for this child to ever get what is the very first step in any possible child sexual abuse, a thorough Pediatric Forensic S.A.R.T. (Sexual Abuse Response Treatment) evaluation. a pediatric psych-eval and stress-level evaluation testing.  Sensing the political problems from the obvious delays and the parents complaints on three different occasions this child's therapist recommended this child needed to go to Seattle to escape the politics.  Finally, with a court hearing coming up where there would be an opportunity to obtain a Court Order to get this child to Seattle to finally get help, the mother asked the child's therapist for a letter which s/he readily agreed to write.  But the actual letter below shows what happened when he/r Clinical Supervisor intervened. (* for various reasons, alaskapaws often hides details by switching  genders or names or other specific details that might otherwise make it easy to figure-out real names or real least temporarily "censored" so the details above may or may NOT relect the actuals)

Would anyone consider it pure cowardice when the Clinical Supervisor herself would not use her own name to "say-no" but literally seemingly force the therapist to sign her own name to "advice" completely contrary to what she had orignally recommended!!???

AlaskaPAWS--keeping an eye on those who are keeping an eye on you!

The original letter below
by the child's therapist was to recommend the urgent need for this child to go to Seattle to escape politics and finally get a real and long long overdue OBJECTIVE forensic evaluation.  The parent did not trust Alaska Cares, yet the Seattle component of the letter below was deleted and the poor therapist forced to sign-off on advice completely contrary to what she originally ordered!!!!!!



Of Special Note;
about the letter to your left:
The therapist forced to sign-off of the "cover-up" letter to the left had three times at this boy's weekly sessions recommended the mother get this child to Seattle.

For instance, alaskapaws is told that on [Month] 21 2006 she stated the following rough paraphrase to the parent about her writting a letter for court use to help assist in getting a court order to get the child to Seattle:

Therapist:  " The way we bring it up is I want a forensic interview done by somebody not in the State of Alaska.   . . . Because these things keep coming up and this is what happened a couple weeks ago and I'm concerned."