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The landlord had earlier made calls to several agencies asking for help, including the Fire Dept.  The landlord is inside the Kelley house with contractors getting $ estimates of the all the damage when he received this call back from a Denise at the Anchorage Fire Department.  A lawyer had warned us not to go inside the house without a tape recorder for "protective" witnesses in the event of any false allegations of threats.  Later, APD dispatchers, her comp[osed screen notes indicate the landlord had called for a welfare check on the children saying the "house was uninabitable" and was asking for a police escort to install smoke alarms, but more importantly Carbon Monoxide alarms.  We had bought $180 worth of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and CO alarms and pratically got on our knees begging the police to please help us protect these children.  The screen notes further indicate we had all our "paperwork" with us.  These were affidavits of a Realtor, a well known furnace repair company, and even photgraphs of the inisde of the house.  Consitently all agencies were able to "cover-their-butts" by just refusing to even peek at all or any of our evidence.  This way they could still say they "just didn't know".  But as one can hear they could have known if they had wanted to.  Such a shame for innocent children.