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Is Sarah Palin Pro-Family or,


A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing?

Judge Begs For Tribunal Over

15+ Kids In Sex Abuse Cover-up

>Is the Alaska Crime Of The Century being covered-up by our Governor, Sarah Palin, the so-called anti-corruption fighter?

Does she just go after the minor players in Alaska's out of control: court-system, law enforcement and mass numbers of corrupt politicians; to get appearance marks? Yet all the while totally ignoring the real enemies of America, of the Family and of basic justice itself?

Alaska's Courts, Law Enforcement and our Child Protection ARE unabashedly ANTI-FAMILY feminista's (Dr. Laura's term);

Pro-gay, Pro-abortion, Anti-parental rights and worse!

>Alaska's Long-Time Judge Michael Wolverton Found That Our State Child Protective Service (OCS, formerly DFYS),Officials Had KNOWINGLY Placed 3 Siblings Who Had A Horrid Past Of Being Both Victims And Multiple Perpetrators Of Child Sex Crimes, With A Totally Unsuspecting Family,


>The Other Evidence Strongly Implies That Alaska's Child Protective Services, OCS, Totally Ignored And Encouraged Police To Ignore Multiple Citizen Complaints/Reports, On Purpose, Knowing Full Well What The Result Would Be.

To Generate A Future Media Frenzy For

Budgetary and Regulatory Gains?

>This Same Sentencing Judge, Who Immediately Released These Parents, Time Served, Also Called For A Tribunal (HIS word choice)To Hold State Officials Responsible For These Crimes NOT The Two Parents Who'd Been Indicted And Imprisoned For 2 years!

>Besides This, Many Many Other Failure To Reports Are Occurring In Alaska, As We Speak, Because Of People's Deathly Fear Of State Vengeance From The Corruption-Pact-Network Between The Courts, OCS and Law Enforcement

> Thus, Mass Amounts Of Child Sexual Abuse Is Going Both Unreported AND Untreated Because Of Alaska's “Good-ole Boy” Law Enforcement Network Refusing To Prosecute State Officials For Their Much Worse Class A Felony,

Not Misdemeanor, Failure To Reports!

So They Can “Protect” and “Cover-up” These Child Crimes Committed By State Workers NOT Common Citizens?

>In Just This Case Alone, NOT Counting Others There Are Between 10-15 Documented Children Sex-Crimes Victims OCS Not Only Insists DO NOT EXIST, But Threatens ANYONE, Who Dares To Speak-Up!

Read Below What Happened To Alaska's Paul Revere Of

Child Sex Abuse Cover-up, Mrs. Shirley L.

>Read More and Please Call Our Governor/now VP nominee

To Demand A Special Prosecutor, phone 907-269-7450

Read the REAL TRUTH:

>10-15 and more child victims

>80% of major allegations took placed AFTER documented calls

to OCS, Fire Department and Police.

??Just Why Did THESE officials Refuse To Even Look??

>Why BOTH The Children AND The Unsuspecting Adopting Parents Were

Victims Of Crimes of State Law Enforcement Corruption At A Monstrous Level

>>Please read on why Alaska's traditional families must DEMAND an independent Special Prosecutor to grant Judge Wolverton's hopes for Tribunal

>>Americans need to find out just who Sarah Palin really is? As good as she looks on paper, OR . . . just another wolf in sheep's clothing? Will she fight the entrenched and powerful at risk to her political future, or just pick-on a few minor token “players” for political show-and-deceive? I believe the facts show Sarah Palin is just a “babe” show, she publicly goes after a few small “boys” while leaving the “big-boys” alone and safe for ever more inside dealings!

So Who The Heck Is Me?

Thank-you for giving these extreme and wild claims a fair listen; WE MUST TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK, OUR TRADITIONAL FAMILIES BACK, from such out of control corruption as I say you are about to read about.

I was the 5 year landlord of these two now Alaska famous adopting parents, for which you are about to read more of. The so-called falsely set-up monsters of Alaska Child-Abuse, which even I believed about them myself for over 3 years, since my very own 4 yr old daughter was abused by these very SO-So unfortunately disturbed and FORMERLY UNLOVED foster kids, Alaska's child protective services secretly just dumped-off onto to totally unsuspecting parents.

You will read below how I was so concerned about what I personally witnessed there, in the VERY beginnings, that I went to unbelievable measures, as more described below, with dated 911 records ONE year before the adopting parents were arrested, to try and get any public official to intervene on behalf of all these kids. My Lord I thought, why do they refuse to help? Refuse to look at my photographs? Little did I know then, how knowingly intentional their refusals were - - and WHY! I tried again just as hard, about 6 months later, just days before an 8yr old boy was badly burned. This boy later became the major media event of this case when it was alleged his adopting parents, who had allegedly failed to treat his 3rd degree burns, the media reporting they the untreated burns had gotten infested with maggots. Although, amazingly, no such photo's have ever been submitted to anyone, let alone the courts or law enforcement. You'll read below why two otherwise loving parents might try to home-treat such burns, out of fear of the “system” and etc. But it was at this time, that I submitted both affidavits from multiple professionals and photographs of our rental-house's insides showing how the children's violence against each other had literally destroyed the entire home to the point that the landlord, US, was trying to evict them as fast as possible. If OCS or the police had done the MANDATORY “home-study”, or the police had even made more than one meager attempt at some real interviews this boys burns would have been discovered and promptly treated.

Of course its obvious, now that we all know just WHY the courts and the child crimes detective were refusing to even look at these affidavits and photographs! It was because they already knew exactly what they were likely to see. They needed to be able to cover their butts and be able to say they'd never seen those photographs so they had no idea what was really happening. One wonders how such people can use their pencils when there fingers are always crossed behind their backs so they tell such lies with a straight face. Wait till you read the unbelievable comment my four year old daughter said to the APD Child Crimes Detective Cynthia Bridges, which the Judge also read, >>who BOTH also did NOTHING, some detective eh? Some Judge? If just Ms. Bridges had done HER job the little boys third degree burns would have gotten the treatment they never got till 5 months later.

It's certainly not unreasonable for the average person to wonder why he wasn't treated UNTIL 5 months later, unless one keeps in mind two crucial facts. One, the adoption parent, Sherry K, was basically suffering from severe sleep deprivation from constantly having to stay up nights to protect the FIVE girls from the older boy, so the first half of her dilemma was how could she be in two places at the same time; the hospital with the burned boy and then also at the home guarding the other 7 children, 5 of whom were girls, from the older boy. Plus the fear of OCS retribution is STILL to this very day keeping many of these other children victim's parents absolutely deathly afraid quiet. How would OCS react, when the K's had tried to talk to them and the State's basic reaction was, heh he's all yours now, we don't take kids back. So this brand new parent who'd been dishonestly dumped-on with THREE children siblings with severe sex-abuse problems for years; - - now has to face that SHE will be the one who gets all the blame, for the very nightmare PRIOR-HISTORY she was trying to rescue these children FROM, OCS refusing, exactly as they have consistently done, to this day, to ever acknowledge the real truth, Judge Michael Wolverton made findings that our child protective services KNEW FULL WELL ABOUT. Even just prior to the parent's staged arrests the State Prosecutor Rachel Gernat emails the head prosecutor, Steven Branchflower (who now heads up the current ethics investigation against Sarah Palin) her belief that OCS was hiding something.

So just WHO were this important judge and well experienced child crimes detective, whom we are supposed to trust, just WHO or WHAT were they protecting, and WHY?. Who were supposed to do SOMETHING, upon receiving such documented info! Well this is the story, that before a room full of criminally complicit cover-up silent media's, the K's sentencing judge, Judge Michael Wolverton, on January 8, 2007 emphatically called for a “Tribunal” over (his word choice, a word normally used publicly, only for war crimes of state), to hold State Of Alaska officials criminally responsible for, NOT the K's. He let the K's off; even the state had dropped over 85% of all the charges. In order to cover-up the FACT of WHERE most of the alleged abuse REALLY happened, in Anchorage, Alaska; or that there were really NINE children living in Anchorage NOT just five.  This was rather than as falsely “fed” to the media's that it happened in Wasilla.  The official court filed documents unlawfully covered all this up by making intentional LIES in their 104 criminal indictments.  

Feloniously, Rachel Gernat wrote those indictments that the location-occurrence of all charges was Wasilla Alaska. THIS IS THE LEVEL OF DISHONESTY THAT WIDLEY EXISTS WITH ALASKA'S LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY; and the courts as well. We victim parents can show COURT-CERTIFIED copies of Court actions changing dates, altering the captions of pleadings filed, or not even entering them at all into the public docket, and more!

Why? Why? Why, for all of what you just read? This is because on that same day before that same room full of media's this Judge also made the following special emphasis and also totally, TO THIS DAY, totally unreported. WHY? Are these honest medias? Did they violate our trust? Of Course they did!!

The Infamous But Covered-up Un-Reported Plea To The Public

By Long-Time Judge Michael Wolverton

On January 8, 2007

Judge Michael Wolverton said: "The children involved in this case were victims, no questions. I think THE GREATER QUESTION THOUGH IS TO DETERMINE EXACTLY WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF AND BY WHOM in every instance? . . . I'll make one more brief comment, before imposing sentencing. [webmaster's note: judge sided with defense NOT prosecutor for time served with probation added for Sherry K]. As I said I cannot square the varying perspectives of what went on here. But this much seems clear to me. For varying reasons, the victims, the family members and the defendants are in agreement with one thing, this is a placement that it seems to me should never have been made. It was un-contradicted that the K's had specifically noted, they checked the box that they did not feel qualified to parent children with a particular set of difficulties and never the less these children with precisely these sets of difficulties were placed with the K's without full disclosure. That doesn't excuse the conduct here, I just find it clearly concerning and the reasons for this placement and the responsibility for that placement are something to be sorted out, I HOPE, BY ANOTHER TRIBUNAL, at a later time.(caps emphasis has been added; the “particular difficulties refers to the 3 siblings secretly dumped-off onto the unsuspecting K's, my word choice, their horrid record of being multiply both victims AND PERPETRATORS of child sexual abuse)"

My 4yr old Daughter On Our Main Newspaper's Front Page

She was referred to on the front page of the Anchorage Daily News, (A.D.N.) On November 26 or 27 as the only (initial) named sexual abuse victim; sodomized with five objects at 4. Sherry K. said she was the fourth child victim.  One of the other of many children sexually abused (who OCS insists never happened, in spite of court and counseling records to the contrary) was Shirley L's 8 yr old niece, and later the 6yr old girl adopted at only weeks old by the K's, their first adopted child.  While the older boy was a constant worry, enough for Ms. K to have to stay awake many many nights, this boy's two sisters were also sexually abusing other kids as a way to get attention or to “get-back.”   In fact, my daughter was alleged to have been abused by one of these girls (specifically named and warned about in my daughter's written pediatrician's report dated only days to a couple weeks after the period within which her anal abuse was alleged to have happned.   YET, not ONE official has EVER contacted this pediatrician (or any of the other four adult third party witnesses, and ALL parties have refused to acknowledge the existence of this report.)   Say What? Yep, that's exactly the case!    Amazing?!

My Lord, I thought again, a sitting Judge is refusing to look into such damning evidence? Say What?  But it's WHAT she knew, but wouldn't tell I discovered later. More feminista anti-family, anti-father agenda'd officials, comrades, needed her “protection”.

The Real Crime Against “State” of Shirley L.

George and Shirley L were charged with a misdemeanor for failure to report basic child neglect and minor to moderate child abuse at best. But in Alaska it is a Class A Felony for failure to report suspicions of child sexual abuse, for mandatory reporters like counselors, doctors; officials in general.

Enter Alaska' self-described wanna-be Sandra Day O'Connor, liberal-Governor-Tony Knowles-appointee, feminsta, Judge Morgan Christen - - again! She or one of her staff apparently “arranged” so that Rachel Gernat, the State's prosecuting attorney, (one of the most egregious of Mandatory Reporters who “failed to report”, caused to be made or made herself, notification to Shirley L, that the last remaining of her four charges, that had been scheduled to be dropped in days, was suddenly back-on! Why?

By 2007, three of the four charges against Shirley L had already been dropped and she understood all charges were to be dropped. But Shirley L was a Paul Revere citizen. She was concerned that still no State of Alaska officials were reporting these high crimes against children because of the mandatory felony indictments that would be required against too many V.I.P.'s. It also appeared the sexual-abuse was likely still occurring, more and more children being added to the final total. When my child, for instance, finally got to the point where she felt comfortable to begin discussing her horrid life as a roommate to the Wasilla Child Abuse Case children, the court found out and the “judge” immediately put a stop to all counseling.   Again, say what?    Again, that's what I said!

So on March 15, 2007 Mrs. L. wrote a letter of concern to this so-called “judge” Morgan Christen (that anti-family, anti-male feminista Knowles appointee). She named several more victims and new victims. She concluded her letter, “How many more children must suffer while OCS covers this up?” Our divorce case was supposed to be sealed, and judges are forbidden to discuss cases outside the courtroom, but within days, Shirley L received angry retaliation “notice”, that ok, if you want to play that way; here's what WE can do. “That lone remaining charge, we had scheduled to drop (which was eventually dismissed by the trial judge before even either side had “rested” their case) are now reinstated, your trial WILL happen,( AND we'll see that it's a real media show was clearly implied). Which of course, is EXACTLY what happened, major media coverage, photo's, TV headline video coverage and more.

Is Alaska'sTroopergate Just The Tip

Of A Corrupt Law Enforcement Iceberg?

Reading all this you will discover why the Trooper Wooten concerns of Governor Palin are just the tip of the iceberg, a GIGANTIC iceberg. You'll discover why many scared of jail State officials have hijacked this Wooten issue to detour the REAL investigations and state official's reforms Governor Palin was just beginning to implement?   Or WAS she?  We must presume now, from her total refusal to do ANYTHING about all this; she wasn't beginning to implement!  So is this WHY so many State officials are so so so desperate to stop Palin's alleged reforms?   I allege Sarah Palin was just going for the show not the substance, the real crimes, those ones she might have to PAY-FOR, with her political aspirations, if she genuinely pursued, and publicly,  their prosecution.

So just who are the REAL who's who failed to report or take action against crimes (as in a VERY plural “s” here) against children and WHY?  And how do I know? Because I was the landlord of Patrick and Sherry K for over 5 years; the vast bulk of these crimes never took place in Wasilla at all but in Anchorage and it didn't involve just five children but NINE children lived there. It wasn't just about bad home medical care this case involved mass amounts of child sexual-abuse and involvement as an indirect accomplices role by high State officials.

Out Of The Mouth's Of Babes;

My 4yr Old Girl Begs Police For Help

Worse yet, my call to the Anchorage Police Department, to try to rescue these kids, which is how I was mistakenly seeing it then, and for the next three years until I discovered the REAL truth, this call was almost ONE-YEAR before their arrests and the first media front-pages, and guess what; even I was not the first to report. That call number is #032880529, dated 10-15-2003 at 7:55pm. They were not arrested until August of 2004. The dispatcher, not me, summarized my call as follows: “O [officer] CHECK ON CHILDREN AT ABOVE [Anchorage address] WHICH IS AN UNINHABITABLE HOUSE. KJ” Two months prior we'd made at least three calls to OCS, demanded for us to do so to be responsible landlords/citizens by at least three professionals who'd been inside the house and even wrote affidavits - - with photographs. The police absolutely REFUSED to even look at them. Those APD screen notes also note I had this “paperwork” ready to show them. We had earlier called the Fire Department to plead with them, that call was taped by us and is cell phone bill date-verified. We even tried to have our own house condemned by the Muni zoning officials who also REFUSED to visit. We tried to get a typical very often done civil stand-bye to install carbon monoxide, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, also verified by dated official records. So just why did all these agencies REFUSE to intervene and REFUSE to even glance at such HARD evidence as photographs and affidavits of professionals?

We, the parents of these multiple child sex abuse victims, allege it was because our Alaska Child Protective Services, OCS, heavily liberal anti-male and anti-family feminista's were intentionally staging a major media feeding frenzy to garner increased budgets and increased discretionary powers, their abuse of which is protected by law, absolute immunity from any prosecution. The Child Abuse Crime of The Century, AND done by Child Protection itself.  Everyone "KNEW" to refuse until OCS gave out the "grapevine" word, that the media timing was finally just-right!  If this intent can be proven, these V.I.P.'S should get LIFE.

And Governor Sarah Palin, so called pro-family,

anti-corruption wants to sweep ALL THIS under the rug?

But it still get's worse yet! Just listen to what my four year old daughter said officially on tape to child crimes detective Cynthia Bridges. On FEBRUARY 10, 2004, only 4 days before the little boy was burned who was hidden out for almost 5 months with no treatment; from fear of OCS vengeance, etc! 

APD Child Crimes Detective Interviewer:

"[I asked “H. Doe”] who all she lives with at her house.
Her: "Yuck".
Interviewer: "[I asked her] "yuck" what?"
Her: "I'm not going to tell you it."
Interviewer: "[I said] you are not going to tell me who you live with."
Her: "No, it's disgusting."

Who Was REALLY The More Responsible

For This Boy's Third Degree Burns

Not Being Treated?

The Indicted K's or The L's

Deathly Afraid Of The Unstoppable

Vindictiveness of Child “Protective” Bullies;


OCS'S corrupt unchecked power's to

cover-up THEIR caused child sexual abuse?

The boy was burned February 14, just 4 days later after the plea to the Child Crimes Detective, you just read about above; about the exact time a home study was required to have been started by. This boy's burns and ANY abuse subsequent to this should net massive felony-indictments of State of Alaska officials, because it could NOT have occurred without these State Official's cover-up failure to report and to act.

On November 27, 2006 at the sentencing hearings, Sherry K explained to the court just why she felt forced to move from a large 5 bedroom home with a huge fenced yard in Anchorage, where she'd lived for the last 5+ years, to have her whole family transition to a not yet prepared mobile home in Wasilla in late February and early March of 2004. Both the judge and the prosecuting attorney had ample opportunity to cross-examine her for the shock and awe oaths you are about to read. They didn't, WHY? The audience gasped, jaws dropped everywhere; (I was there) but on the “other” side of the courtroom's dividing rail there was not even one look of surprise. Nothing. Silence. Sherry K testified that the same child, fully named as a concern as an alleged perpetrator, in my daughter's pediatrician's written report dated January 2004, had anally abused my four year old daughter. Ms. K felt she had to get her children out of that house and Anchorage because this was now THE FOURTH CHILD SEXUALLY ASSAULTED BY HER CHILDREN! At last count that number has risen to between 10 and 15 children, and likely more.

On January 8, 2007 Judge Wolverton also made other emphasized findings. He found that the K's very clearly indicated in their application to adopt, that they did not feel capable to handle children with severe difficulties, especially children with a history of sexual-abuse difficulties (as both victims AND perpetrators); yet OCS knowingly “dumped-off” (my word choice) onto them exactly such children - - “without full disclosure” as quoted from Judge Wolverton's Jan 7 2007 sentencing remarks.

So what and who are the REAL criminal failures to report and to act? In this case felony failures not just misdemeanor ones! What will you the media and you the citizen do about this?

Please call the Governor's office at 907-269-7450, and ask for a special prosecutor and an OUTSIDE independent investigation. We must take back America and the Family-System that made America what it USED TO BE!

Judge Wolverton Has Called For A Tribunal !!

Will You Help, Call Palin?


OR - - Challenge Sarah Palin's false claims of pro-family as the wolf in sheep's clothing her failure to act proves she REALLY is - - on every blog you can find.


Thanks for stopping bye!  Your thoughts, insights AND complaints are welcome