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Cornerstone Clinic
Medical and Counseling Center

[Month, Day],  2006

                                                  Re: J. Doe

To Whom it May Concern:
I saw [J. Doe]   at Cornerstone Clinic Counseling Center on [ Month, Day]
and [Month, Day] , 2006. [Person]  came to the clinic for a psychological assessment.

There seems to be no personality pathology nor alcohol or drug dependence. [Person] appears to be a conscientious [XXXXXX]  with deep feelings for [XXX  XXXXXXXX]. No [XXXXX] abuse was evident.


Ruth S. Bayley, Ph.D., LPC
Cornerstone Clinic, Medical & Counseling Center

1825 Academy Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Medical: (907) 522-7090 Fax: 522-7095 . Counseling: (907) 522-7080 fax: 522-7088

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This is AlaskaPAWS first example of "irregularities?" for the Psych-Watch Section
Help your fellow citizen -- Please submit your own example!! 

If those who society empowers with an ability to affect our personal private lives begin to realize that these types of questionable ethical "choices", which can reap such negative consequences, are now being watched and might become public information -- for ALL to see--; just maybe they might start to think twice.

The following example was the Psych-Eval served on one of two parties in a court case in 2006.  Two parties of two different religions in this court case where ordered to obtain psychological evaluations.  One party was a Christian and the other party was one of those MANY religions SOME Christians just don't like.  Prejudice will always exist in this world, but AlaskaPAWS believes not all prejudice is really conciously  intended.  But sometimes a prejudicial ethical choice could be intentional; especially when one religion might "win" out over another, in one way or another.  In this example below,  the psych-eval could make the crucial difference in the outcome of their dispute.  

The psych-eval below speaks for itself; little commentary is needed.  Normally complete psych-evals are multiple pages long and support whatever claims about the person being evaluated with examples from their written tests and interview.  As one can see below, even what IS said is said with VERY careful  wording.   In the event of future "problems"?!

AlaskaPAWS--keeping an eye on those who are keeping an eye on you!