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!!Keeping an eye on those who are keeping an eye on you!!
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Major cover-up?

Why was the Wasilla child abuse trial of Patrick and Sherry Kelley so suddenly dropped?

Might it have been because there were NINE children involved not five?

That their primary residence was NOT Wasilla, but Anchorage?

That a four year old girl alleged to have been anally abused in the Anchorage home?

Why did criminal case Judge Wolverton ignore this new information; OR
is that why this case was "swept" under the rug?

Why did the Presiding Judge of The Third Judicial District, Judge Morgan Christen,
without hearing any custody evidence, without any motion or issuing any findings of facts or conclusions of law written or oral, on December 17, 2003, reverse an order for a  protective custody by this little girl's father, that she had obtained less than 2 weeks before, as a result of a 15 minute 9-11 call involving 6 police cars? 

It was this blatantly tyranical act of the Alaska Court System that, ALONE, made it possible for this little girl to be able to be moved into the home of Patrick and Sherry Kelley where she would in only weeks allege before her pediatirician and other adult witnesses to have been anally abused; where such an innocent little 4 year old girl, while watching the Sound Of Music in room full of adults, would suddenly act-out and speak-out like a porn star in actions and words inapporpriate even for this website!!
Out of the mouths of babes:
read how this  little girl described her horrid living situation to an Anchorage police child crimes detective on FEBRUARY 10, 2004, only 4 days before the little boy was burned who was hidden out for almost 5 months with no treatment; his little arm's wounds crawling in maggots! 

APD Child Crimes Detective Interviewer:
"[I asked “H. Doe”] who all she lives with at her house.

Her: "Yuck".
Interviewer: "[I asked her] "yuck" what?"
Her: "I'm not going to tell you it."
Interviewer: "[I said] you are not going to tell me who you live with."
Her: "No, it's disgusting."

Why did multiple official agencies repeatedly refuse the landlord's begging anyone
to even look inside the front door!

Hear the February 2, 2004 (names censored) phone call of an Anchorage Police Officer
talking on the phone with Sherry Kelley, verifying the mother of this little girl had moved her entire family into this home just days before Dec. 25, 2003!!
  Click Here

Hear the phone call of the landlord pleading with a Denise at the
Fire Department in OCTOBER 2003,
(almost ONE YEAR  before arrests) !      Click Here

Read these links about what happened to this house when no sooner
had the Kelley's moved out, then it was converted into a fully functioning church with the children STILL living there, READ THE INTERNET ALERTS ABOUT
this little girls priest FATHER KEN BRACY (A.K.A KENNETH BRACEY) !

Yahoo group post warning about "roaming" morally defrocked priest

Intra-church posting links Father Ken to two convicted child sex abusers

Alaska Church posting of official defrocking of Priest Ken Bracy

Webmasters Note:
Since Feb. 9, 2006 we have been sending emails to numerous Orthodox officials, including the defrocking body, to please forward ANY documentation or any statement that what has happened is less than what these fellow church members of priest Ken Bracy have alleged! Plus, we have stored a saved version of the above links in the event these pages "get-pulled", which isn't really expected but possible.  Hopefully there's a response!

At Last, The Actual Court Audio Of Judge And Defense;
Hear the compelling OTHER story about what really happened and why the trial judge has called for a "tribunal" (HIS word choice) for child abuse crimes by the very
state agency that is supposed to be protecting children NOT knowingly
creating situations where sexual abuse is almost sure to occur!!

Go to the audio page;
click here!
Judge Michael Wolverton said
: "The children involved in this case were victims, no questions.  I think THE GREATER QUESTION THOUGH IS TO DETERMINE EXACTLY WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF AND BY WHOM in every instance? . . . I'll make one more brief comment, before imposing sentencing. (webmaster's note: judge sided with defense NOT prosecutor for time served with probation added for Sherry Kelley)  As I said I cannot sqaure the varying perspectives of what went on here. But this much seems clear to me. For varying reasons, the victims, the family members and the defendants are in agreement with one thing, this is a placement that it seems to me should never have been made. It was uncontradicted that the Kelley's had specifically noted, they checked the box that they did not feel qualified to parent children with a particular set of difficulties and never the less these children with precisely these sets of difficulties were placed with the Kelley's without full disclosure. That doesn't excuse the conduct here, I just find it clearly concerning and the reasons for this placement and the responcibility for that placement are something to be sorted out, I HOPE, BY ANOTHER TRIBUNAL, at a later time.(caps emphasis has been added)"

Hear 2 minute (Windows Media only) clip of Wasilla child abuse convictee Sherry Kelley open court testimony confirming objects were forced up the anus of 4 yr old girl in January 2004.
click here!
Worse yet -- This testimony reveals that there were THREE other girls sexually abused, everyone of these horrid crimes, all, completely covered-up by both the State and medias!!!
Proof of Anchorage Daily News and other media's major cover-up:
click here!