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NOTE: You should be now or soon hearing a 2 minute super-abbreviated .wav or Windows Media version of Judge Wolverton's sentencing remarks which are SO IMPORTANT to hear; in case you can't or don't have time to download the .dss sound files.  alaskaPAWS will try to soon create a 30-40 minute condensed highlights of various portions of most of the audio below and include a little more of the important testimonies from the sentencing hearings to help the reader more easily understand the reasons why this Judge has called for these crimes of State against unsuspecting adults and innocent children to be heard in a "tribunal;" the common term for that kind of judicial body used specially for egregious crimes by a government against it's citizens like Nuremburg, or Sadaam or Milosovec or Rawanda, etc all called tribunals.

Hear Judge Wolverton's emphatic concerns about state crimes against children; 3-versions:
  super-short, 2 min 
click her  abbreviated, 4 min+,  click here   full, 9 min+   click here

Judge Wolverton sided CLEARLY with the defense NOT the States claims that Sherry Kelley was all lies, hear the defense attorney's compelling remarks showing why THEY were victims too!
21min 27sec
click here

Hear the accussed/victim of Alaska's child "protective" services, OCS, the foster mother, testify about the sodomization of a 4 year old girl - - as the FOURTH victim; (at THAT 2004 time, the total number of innocent children victims of these State crimes against children, the judge above calls for a tribunal over is now estimated to be between 15-20)
click here 

Prosecuting attorney's sentencing remark, 6min 30 secs
click here

Victims Impact Statement, 19 min 10 sec
click here

Please pass the links to this issue everywhere and anywhere you can think of and get ALL these children then help they need and out of the hell-hole mental abu-Gharib style of sick State of Alaska jaws these kids are now in -- there are at least over 15 children involved directly or at an indirect stage in this nightmare.

Thank-you for listening.

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