Keeping an eye on those who are keeping an eye on you!!
Alaska Public Affairs Watchdog and Support services.
                  Alaska's professional public-interests and watchdog
                         support services.

      A databank,      support services and reporting source for
   the under-represented consumer, citizen and non-union employees.

Building effectiveness through reputation: respect, politeness, honesty and fairplay
What We Are Not:
Spill hot coffee down your pants and relish an easy several million?  A couple hundred thou for slipping in a parking lot on an icy day?  NOT HERE.  AlaskaPAWS is not here to help you.
Check your yellow-pages for one of Alaska's  local ambulance-chasers.

No, were here for the good folks of this world, who'd just like a fair-shake from the bullies of this world, and nothing more.  And, were here for those MANY, no not few, good-guy employers, businesses, civil servants and others who do mean well, but sometimes either just screw-up (like all of us), or infact are not in the wrong at all.

Any public affairs organization, that is effective, only by threats and power connections is no different than the bullies they take-on.  Why not consider that most good folks in positions of power, hate to suffer from the bad press of those few associate bullies who take advantage of their positions of advantage. They hate the same folks you hate.

We hope to build a service that is effective because we EARN a reputation of respect, politeness, honesty and fairplay.  We also want to help let the world know, just who these good guys are, who never get any of the "if it bleeds it leads" press coverage.  As public advocates we will mostly be looking to discover all those patterns of unfair dealings, that only exist because each person affected feels so powerless, as only one person,  when in fact they are many.  But when we are wrong, we intend to acknowledge all "no-finds" with equal coverage.

If our values are your values let's work together and help keep this world's jerks from always seeming to finish first.

Thanks for stopping bye!  Your thoughts, insights AND complaints are welcome