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The dictionaries idea of an Ombudsman:
A government appointee who investigates complaints by private persons against the government.
While the reality is more like:
The fox guarding the hen house.

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The Who And The Why

You guessed it!  This webmaster has an axe to grind, a beef with the system.  Or that is he thought he did until he found others who made himself look twice at his own situation.  Feel  sorry for himself?  Count my blessings instead, when I discovered, heh,  I'm not as in as bad a situation as the other guy.   So I called some of these other guys and they also had other guy stories to tell some even worse than either of us.   I even called a few of these other guys of other guys who also had other guy nightmare stories to tell.  Every victim of the systems direspect, bullying etc. thinks something ought to be done -- and everyone is afraid to speak up for fear of retribution.  In my situation I can't see how things could get much worse.  We can't maintain our freedom and liberty if our fear of our very own government continues to rise.
So,  I then had reason number one.  But still I did nothing.

And then came reason number two, the murder of a Judges family members.   When I began to hear the publics reaction to this,  I heard too many people who were either openly glad to finally see somebody do something,  or only a few levels of rage down from this,  people who felt maybe somehow the Judge had this coming to her.   While I am in no way anti-military, I am well on the record for over 40 years as openly  pacifist.   As I began to mention the possibility of starting some kind of private party ombudsman I noticed how affected people responded and I felt such an idea might serve as a sort-of pressure relief  valve,  a useful outlet to vent.  I noticed sometimes just having some one else to hear their nightmare, helped them to not feel alone and abandoned and our talks tended to be calmer by the end.
Reason number two.  But still I did nothing.

Then as things began to get even worse in my situation and I began to look up even more cases to learn strategies and mistakes to avoid,  I began to notice some problems were sufficiently frequent to support an allegation of a pattern.  Each of us people, who felt all alone against some kind of monster were actually not alone.  Such a private party ombudsman gathering information from the public could easily establish patterns.  Even in the depths of my unfair situation I was able to see that most public servants are just that, servants with an equivalent good attitude syyle -- most but NOT all of the time.  While the system won't often bother itself over one isolated incident I believe there are a high enough percentage of good hearted sincerly intentioned public servants that the system  will respond to a demonstrated pattern -- gladly in some cases.
Reason number three.  But still I did nothing.

Then came the investigation of the infamous Wasilla child abuser couple from last fall of 2004.   Then came my talk with the Ombudsman for the State of Alaska, who is now conducting the States own investigation of alaska's child protective sevices agency, now called OCS (Office Of Childrens Services), formerly called DFYS.  That investigation came about  over the  public outcry over the infamous Wasilla child abuse case all over the media last fall (2004).   I talked and was asked to submit my extensive record of trying to get anyone to do something, anything about the situatuion that was occuring in the home our family had been  renting to their family for almost 5 years.  This began in late August of 2003 and various official attempts were continuously made all the way through June of 2004.  There was extensive evidence, not just he said she said allegations.  Affidavits of non-government officals, contrators, photographs etc.  The system consistently refused to even look at the evidence for why they might want to take even a little peak inside this particular door.  But there was not just me, there were several others.  All of us felt abused by the system, almost as if WE were in trouble for trying to do the right thing.  Then there were all the others who talked about doing something but were too afraid of a system with such a widespread bad reputation for being just plain unresonably oppresive.  Even doctors under fear of law were more afraid from their various fears of "the system" that vastly exceeded their fears of the law that said they musdt speak up.  If ANY of all these other people who also were trying could have actually succeeded in getting any official to even spend 30 seconds just looking through an open front door, nine children NOT just five would have been spared much abuse or for other of these children, just having to witness abuse.  
Reason number four -- heh I said to myself why not a citizens ombudsmen.

After-all we are the OWNERS of this hen house that hatches one government "guardian" or "supervisor" after another to "watch over us".  And who's watching over them? 

No-one ---  until now.  If we can survive, if only a few people are willing to help than we the people no longer have to depend on having a fox watch over OUR hen house; because now

someone else will also be watching  --- an owner of the hen house.

"Keeping an eye on those who are keeping an eye on you."
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