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The dictionaries idea of an Ombudsman:
A government appointee who investigates complaints by private persons against the government.
While the reality is more like:
A fox guarding the hen house.
Comes now AlaskaPAWS:
The people's ombudsman, the OWNERS of the hen house.  The ombudsman of the people, by the people and for the people.  Anti-government -- NO!  The government, the corporations, the other powers that be are not bad people -- they are your relatives and friends and mine.  Being overworked and overburdened too often results in bad consequences to others for all of us; and, good people sometimes do bad things.  All of us - you and me -.  When we think no one is watching us, we'll never get caught, nothing can happen to us; it then becomes easier for any of us to fall victim to our weaknesses.  
But now, if AlaskaPAWS can survive, someone WILL be watching. 

!!Keeping an eye on those who are keeping an eye on you!!
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Parent Finally Sues In Federal Court, Case 3-8-CV-226:  

Anchorage Police Department, Judge Morgan Christen, Office Of Childrens Services,

Palmer DA Rachel Gernat and others.  

>Read the actual U.S. District Court Complaint, filed on Friday, October 17, 2008; and see why the crimes of State committed in cover-ups, almost always exceed in severity the original crimes BEING covered-up! Read about the horrible consequences to so many innocent children, and why Judge Wolverton
has begged for a Tribunal

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Sarah Palin, Is She REALLY Pro-Family

Or A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing?

Alaska's Judge Wolverton Begs For Tribunal 
Over 15+ Kids In Sex Abuse Cover-up

>Is the Alaska Crime Of The Century being covered-up by our Governor, Sarah Palin, the so-called anti-corruption fighter?
Does she just go after the minor players in Alaska's out of control: court-system, law enforcement and mass numbers of corrupt politicians; to get appearance marks? Yet all the while totally ignoring the real enemies of America, of the Family and of basic justice itself?

For those who've been following Alaska's infamous "Wasilla Child Abuse Case,  see the link and description below to the Wasilla Child Abuse Case, and it's related page of the official Court-Audio where you can actually hear the Judge's remarks and the VERY revealing closing remarks of the defense attorney.

To read more about this crime of State against so many innocent children
Click Here!
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Major-cover up? Worse child-abuse case in history of Alaska!  Judges, Cops, Psych's, Child Services:
Read and hear how innocent children can become horrid victims of unethical officialdom!
See just exactly the methodology of how cover-ups work when one bully with power looks out for his/her buddies!
Even private practice corps and persons with an "eye-out" for any opportunity to be seen by higher ups "with-a-need"!

The Major Media Wasilla Child Abuse Case of Patrick and Sherry Kelley.  After 17+ months in jail, over 100 criminal indictments  were suddenly dropped -- Why?  Multi-State agencies involved in a major-cover-their-butts; even the courts, judges, attorney's.  Even the presiding Judge of the Anchorage Mat/Valley Third Judicial District herself, Morgan Christen?  Was it because they were NINE children involved NOT five, (including alleged anal abuse of a 4 year old girl) and the alleged crimes had almost nothing to do with Wasilla? Read about the horrid tragic consequences to innocent little children when those who claim to watching you watch-over their butts instead of their consciences?

Psych. Watch:
Psych-Evals are like mini-trials which many of us find oursleves "forced" to do for jobs, for courts, for Child Protective Services, and many other reasons.  Most of them are legitiimate; SOME are questionable. Here is an example from

Cornerstone Clinic's Ruth Bayley:  willing to do crooked psych-evals?
       click here

Southcentral Foundation:  politic's forces child's therapist to "hush-up"?      click here

Judge Watch:
Judges over the Holocaust's  Nurmeberg War Crimes "Justice Case" claim all that separates a Constitutional Republic
from such cruel tryannies are any "free" countries  Judiciary !

Judge Morgan Christen uses "bully-bench-tactics" to prevent child's therapy and being able to "tell"?
  click here 

[Judge] Master Andrew Brown a man of courage and integrity,
The only State of Alaska official so far to go stand-up against the "flow" to care about this child!!

Attorney Watch? Landlord Watch?  Police Watch?  Your Suggestion Watch?
That's it for now folks; submit YOUR  stories!!.

For the WHOLE story  click here   to go it's own page.

Hear the compelling OTHER story about what really happened and why the trial judge
has called for a "tribunal" (HIS word choice, read the transcript below of Judge Wolverton's actual condeming remarks) for child abuse crimes by the very state agency that is supposed to be protecting children NOT knowingly creating situations where sexual abuse is almost sure to occur!!

for audio page click here

Hear 2 minute (Windows Media only) clip describing sodomization of a 4 year old girl, as the FOURTH victim by the frustratetd foster mother on whom Alaska's child protective services, OCS (formerly DFYS), appears to have INTENTIONALLY "dumped-off" onto this unsuspecting good hearted couple three severely disturbed children who had been both victims and perpetrators (are such unfortunate child victims really to blame?) of sexual abuse.
This is the actual open court testimony from court supplied audio.
click here!
Worse yet -- This testimony reveals that there were THREE other girls sexually abused, everyone of these horrid crimes, all, completely covered-up by both the State and medias!!!

Judge Michael Wolverton said: "The children involved in this case were victims, no questions.  I think THE GREATER QUESTION THOUGH IS TO DETERMINE EXACTLY WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF AND BY WHOM in every instance? . . . I'll make one more brief comment, before imposing sentencing. (webmaster's note: judge sided with defense NOT prosecutor for time served with probation added for Sherry Kelley) As I said I cannot sqaure the varying perspectives of what went on here. But this much seems clear to me. For varying reasons, the victims, the family members and the defendants are in agreement with one thing, this is a placement that it seems to me should never have been made. It was uncontradicted that the Kelley's had specifically noted, they checked the box that they did not feel qualified to parent children with a particular set of difficulties and never the less these children with precisely these sets of difficulties were placed with the Kelley's without full disclosure. That doesn't excuse the conduct here, I just find it clearly concerning and the reasons for this placement and the responcibility for that placement are something to be sorted out, I HOPE, BY ANOTHER TRIBUNAL, at a later time.(caps emphasis has been added)"